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Hello world!

March 5, 2011


I’ve started this collection of guidance’s, insights, and spiritual truths as a way to show my faith and ideology. I try to forsake any semblance of alleged certainty. As I’ve lived and learned I’ve sought to hear truth of our existence and purpose wherever I may find it, and to not be constricted by social norms, tradition, and personal bias. As such I will quote or learn from anybody or anything. The litmus test of a Spiritual truth is described as such:

Truth can never be monopolized.

Universal truth must be a constant and apply to everybody and anybody, anywhere, past or present.

As a Universal truth does it embody Love & Respect principles?

I don’t feel that this is completely definitive but it’s a good start. Here’s a good quote.

There are no unnatural or supernatural
phenomena, only very large gaps in our
 knowledge of what is natural
Edgar Mitchell

Apollo 14 Astronaut