Hello world!


I’ve started this collection of guidance’s, insights, and spiritual truths as a way to show my faith and ideology. I try to forsake any semblance of alleged certainty. As I’ve lived and learned I’ve sought to hear truth of our existence and purpose wherever I may find it, and to not be constricted by social norms, tradition, and personal bias. As such I will quote or learn from anybody or anything. The litmus test of a Spiritual truth is described as such:

Truth can never be monopolized.

Universal truth must be a constant and apply to everybody and anybody, anywhere, past or present.

As a Universal truth does it embody Love & Respect principles?

I don’t feel that this is completely definitive but it’s a good start. Here’s a good quote.

There are no unnatural or supernatural
phenomena, only very large gaps in our
 knowledge of what is natural
Edgar Mitchell

Apollo 14 Astronaut


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2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Mike Patrick Says:

    I came here, to the beginning of your baby blog, to wish you luck in this worthy endeavor. You have set your sights about as high as is possible to go. Anything that encourages moral introspection simply has to be worthwhile. Perhaps it takes a lifetime to know oneself. I’ll be dropping in from time to time, trying to find myself.

    • informationforager Says:

      Thank You Mike. I appreciate your comments. I think that it’s hard to see ourselves. The evidence is whenever we hear our own voice, or pictures or videos of ourselves. We almost always say, “Do I sound like that? Is that the way I look to others?” Because of that please feel free to nudge or tweak my posts with your commnets. Maybe even say “Hey, you need to reconsider this altogether”, otherwise I’m just just a blog. I’m not at the end I’m only only the Path.

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