No One You Can Say That Can’t Be Saved!

When I think of God, I believe that he is 100% fair and 100% just.  Because of that I don’t believe that anyone will perish. It’s never made any sense to me that somehow some people will be punished to an eternity in hell.   I believe again that God’s laws are Universal, Just & Fair.   I  believe that everyone will go to heaven, achieve wholeness,  and meld with the ONE Universe. This is something that I feel by instinct, feel in my heart, and realize in my mind.  Not only are we all ONE, but Time and Space are Love Inventions  created by God for us to find our way.  TIME & SPACE are ways for God to let us find ourselves but to eventually realize & return to God.  Most  importantly we are to find our way back to him.   Our thoughts are what separate us.  A lot of times I think that  maybe we are a great big entity experiencing COGNITIVE DISSONANCE  (  Besides the title I offer from the respective author these additional words…….

Well, we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun…

                                                                                      – John Lennon


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