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Alleged Certainty

March 13, 2011

I need to redefine the assertions of my beliefs.   Alleged Certainty is acting as though a statement or belief is fact and there is an inferred public acknowledgement.  An example of Alleged Certainty is when someone begins a sentence with “Everyone knows that…….”, or “it’s close enough to the truth, let’s just say it’s true”.   The things I write are my beliefs and while I may state with some conviction my beliefs, the readers are free to believe as they wish.    I’m subject to review and corrections of things written about.    I do try to state if I believe that the written article is a Universal Idea, if I believe that  it’s a Universal Law.  As such I believe it has a quality of consistency and fairness.

The things that I write about in this blog will contain not just Spiritual Themes but also the subjects of Spirituality that encompass science, psychology, human life, experience, relationships, ideas and emotions.   The reason these are interconnected is because the sum of an idea cannot be related on just one word, sentence, paragraph, or article.  In essence this is a work in progress.

Allow me to state at this time that I believe that Science and Religion are NOT opposites.    I believe that NOTHING is separated from God.    I believe that we may not  always(or ever) be aware of his presence but God is always present.   I believe that we are ONE, we just need to realize it and accept it.

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.”
                                                     – Marie Curie