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Mechanics of Karma(Spirituality 102)

March 15, 2011

How does it work again?    As like the natural law that we observe all around us.    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – Newton.  All that we do is reflected all around us. If we help a child to read in this life then the next life will have others helping us to read. If we are selfish, then we can expect others to be selfish. If we exhibit unwarranted pride, we can expect to be thrust in with those that are unnecessarily prideful and boastful. If we control another person, in the next life we can expect to be controlled.  If we raise a loving family we can expect to be raised in a loving family.   

Why would normal people believe such far fetched ideas?   Isn’t reincarnation crazy, isn’t it  a religious belief in India?

It takes a lot of courage to step out on one’s own and listen to other ideas that may be true.

In 1901 Oliver Bartho gave Henry Ford a thin volume book callA Short View Of Great Questions.  It was written by Orlando Jay Smith  and contained a lengthy explanation of reincarnation that greatly excited Ford.  For the rest of his life Henry Ford espoused to any that would listen that he believed in reincarnation.  Why would Henry Ford believe such a UnAmerican Idea?    Because Ford was a  Mechanic.   He understood cause and effect.   He knew that when one piston goes down another piston must go up.   That to get B to work you have to do A.    That there is a continuity of motion from one object to another. This is Karma and he understood it.  He also felt that this explained his abilities and gifts for mechanical things, his talent for building things and designing things.   These were talents that he felt were acquired from previous lives.   Wouldn’t that explain why some people have exceptional skills and abilities, because they have been learning them for lifetimes. 

 Genius is experience. Some seem to think that it is a gift or talent, but it is the fruit of long experience in many lives.
                                                                                                                                                                                      – Henry Ford

I believe we are reincarnated. You, I, we reincarnate over and over. We live many lives, and store up much experience. Some are older souls than others and so they know more. It seems to be an intuitive “gift.” It is really hard-won experience.
                                                                                                                                                                               – Henry Ford