The Illusion of Philosophy

God’s plan is supreme. We can take as long as we need to realize that.     Free Will allows us to make our own choices but not to evade, alter, or negate the plan. God’s Plan provides that you can take as long as you want and as long as is necessary to reunite with God.  That process may not be a sudden transformation(although it could be that also). It may be gradual and progressive understandings throughout many lifetimes. Teaching and learning may move glacially and in fact be learned and relearned many, many times.

God realized that to be co-creators with him we need more experience.  God realized that we wanted something different.   We wanted to be on our own, we wanted to be different.    When we (so-called) committed the first Sin,  left God, escaped from God, or came down from Heaven; God and Us created Time & Space.   Time & Space is our crucible. Time & Space is our means basically to struggle against ourselves until we realize our separation and strive to return to God.   Time and Space are Reincarnation.  Imagine if you will a giant playpen, that is our universe, we are God’s children in this Giant Time/Space/Reincarnation Playpen.

Let’s look a SPACE.  This is the Length(infinite), Width(infinite), & Depth(infinite) PLAYPEN that God created for us   Then there is TIME, immobile beings initially, he started us moving like little Geppetto’s puppets. This crucible was our chance to experiment and try things and then to try them over.  In many ways God says “go be a scientist & philosopher”, see what works for you in life.  This is not spite or vengeance or I told you so.This is the ultimate classroom.  This is God saying “I love you so much I’m willing to let you be, so that most importantly you can finally KNOW”.   GOD’S PLAN IS BEST. HIS LAWS ARE ABSOLUTE. GOD’S LOVE IS PERFECT.

As we struggle in that playpen, many of us run to the edge of the playpen and proclaim our experiments to God.  Philosophy is the question of “What is the good Life?”  Usually it’s thought of  in a plural understanding as  “everyone has their own” philosophy.   This is the illusion, that we can pick and choose reality or God.

God is the ultimate Toughlove disciplinarian & the Ultimate giver of Life and Love. While those in the playpen experiment with LIFE sciences & philosophies God oversees everything.   A child runs to the edge of the playpen and says “God, I’m an existentialist”.  God says “That good. Keep at it.”   Another child says, “God, I’m objectivist.” God responds, “Good luck with that”.  Others run hollering, screaming, laughing, “I’m a Realist”, “Phenomenology works for me”,  ” I’m an Individualist”, “Me too” his best friend says.   God shakes his head a little and laughs.   “Follow through little ones to the end”.

Three or four little ones say “I understand, I missed you, I want to be with you, I want to be like you.”  God takes them out of the pen, “Sure, but you have to co-create with me in the manner that you’ve learned ALL BY YOURSELF, LAWS ARE ABSOLUTE, LOVE IS PERFECT”.

Called or uncalled, God is present. 

Desiderius Erasmus


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2 Responses to “The Illusion of Philosophy”

  1. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A. Says:

    Absolutely perfect! You write so well, it is like a nicely composed piece of music…every beat is in there…I particularly like this, because that’s how I see and feel God, in a lovely playful way – always there, always a twinkle in the eye…I feel the same way – that God is always so very interested in all our doings and new findings, and it is all good.

    • informationforager Says:

      Thanks for the words. I do try to say alot with as few words as possible. There are a lot of blogs out there and I want to communicate some messages. One post a day is good. May some day live as ONE. Thanks again

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