Different Religions

While I don’t personally subscribe to an individual religion, I respect that others do.  In one of my prior posts I stated that  values shouldn’t be based on geography or birthright.  My intention was to show that again those religions don’t have a singular, direct exclusive line to God.  I believe that our greatest link to God is in the individual.   The greatest values are practiced with people.  The greatest Ideals and Truths are Universal and transcend all religions.

If a person feels and believe in their heart that they are a Catholic, Jew, Hindu, or a disciple of any religion, then I respect that.   Since I believe in Karma, I believe that God’s plan is perfect.   While it may escape me and my understandings, somehow people must fulfil their destiny in their religions. While I don’t believe that they are completely Universal,  God and that person has a plan for them in that religion.  In my religion,  we are all Universal Children of God and it is a hard concept for me to understand that the majority of people practice a less than Universal View.   Perfect  dualities:  Somehow God has given me  my  greater Universal approach that helps me while at the same time God’s grace IS WORKING FOR PEOPLE IN THEIR  RELIGIOUS UNDERSTANDINGS.    My point here is that my posts are not to sound judgmental as much as this is my little mini-church to share an understanding that I believe in and that works.  

In the movie Gandhi, there is a Hindu man describing to Gandhi  the scene of the Hindu/Muslim rioting in the streets.   The Hindu man found his own dead son killed in the melee.   Very shortly he then killed a Muslim child.   The Hindu then explains to Mahatma  Gandhi he feels convinced that he will go to Hell for this senseless murder of the Muslim boy.   Gandhi eyes him cautiously and explains that he knows a way out of hell.    He tells the Hindu to find a boy.    An orphaned Muslim boy.   Then he tells him to adopt him and to raise that boy AS A MUSLIM.    Not as an exercise in karmic repayment but as an exercise in Love from an Indian Hindu father to his adopted Muslim son.   Therein lies the grace of God.

Frequently my Christian friends come under attack and I feel compelled to jump in to back their position.   They are great people  and I learn things from them.   I have my view and I know that God is working with people in their Faiths.

 “We must become the change we want to see.”
                              -Mahatma Gandhi

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One Response to “Different Religions”

  1. Pat Cegan Says:

    Bravo! I love this. Religions have their role as people are at different stages of spiritual awareness. Of course, there is much abuse in religion, it is big business. But one should not dismiss it entirely. What is most important, to me, is that I am free to explore my own spiritual connection with the Divine. Once a religion inhibits that, it does not work for me. That being said, I enjoy the music, group meditations, and idea exchange provided by a religious community. Certainly there are lots of lessons to be learn if one is involved in a religion…which may not directly relate to the doctrine or rituals. Thought provoking piece. Thanks! pat

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