The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Try to imagine an Idea. We can’t really do it.  It’s an abstract thought.    It has no size, no shape, no color, or smell.  In fact the idea of an idea can only be fixed in the mind. Can we imagine our own totality, our own collective greatness? I doubt if we can. But I believe that collectively we are the end all, the greatest ever, and we are greatest when we are eventually reunited with God. When we are reunited with God we will be Greater Than The Sum Of Our Parts.

Let me give an example:

A blind man goes into a totally dark room(this is a double-blind experiment). He has a mission to find out what is in the room. Since he can’t see, he makes his way clumsily around the room.  He makes his way along and finally stumbles onto something. He picks it up, examines it, and thinks “It feels like an angular bar.”   He shuffles along again, careful not to fall.  His foot kicks something.  He picks it up and it appears to be a  short rubber tube closed at one end.  Then he bumps into another big piece of  angled piping or tubing of some kind.   He mumbles to himself, “A bunch of useless junk. These things don’t mean anything.”    Then he steps on a flat metal piece. He picks it up and it has sharp-pointed edges.  “Hmm…a type of disc.”    He hates this game and wishes he could be let out but knows this is his mission.   Next he finds another short rubber tube closed at one end.  ” It feels familiar though,” he says.   He shuffles and shuffles and can’t find anything,……finally he kicks something else.   He reaches down and picks it up.  “It’s a  chain of some sort.”     He has an epiphany!!!   “I think I know what it is.”      His eyes light up(even though he’s still blind), he sees the light(even though the room is still dark).  His heart starts pounding but he asks himself, “Is it a self-propelled or motor driven?”   He scrambles around the room looking frantically for the rest of the parts, two here, another there, three more across the room until finally he has all the parts and he knows what it is.   He cries out, “It’s a bicycle.”

The short tubes were the handle grips, the angular bar was the handlebars, the big angular tubing was the frame, the disc was the sprocket, and the chain was of course a bicycle chain.  Even here with his developmental reasoning he still had to ferret out slowly and deliberately the missing part to delineate what it was. “I know what it is, but still, is it a bicycle or motorcycle?  There is no engine so it must be a bicycle.”

The parts individually mean nothing. Just like he said “A bunch of useless junk.”  But taken together “The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”   We are like that.   Individually we are nothing, but working in harmony of motion we are magnified tenfold. It can be argued that “Yea, but the bike is a design, an engineering effort.” To which I reply “So what is God’s plan?”   Aren’t we HARMONIZED together and fine tuned?   Our true being can’t really be conceptualized into we become Spiritual Adults and we work together.

Actually we are the blind man, in a dark room, stumbling together, but separately.  The parts aren’t really pieces, they are PEOPLE.  As we come together we become more. God’s Design is greater than a bike.

“I see the Past, Present, and Future existing all at once before me…”
                        – William Blake


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6 Responses to “The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts”

  1. Mike Patrick Says:

    We begin each day in the equivelent of that room. What discoveries, what wonders await. Our cells and our blindness are only a state of mind. A question I have never posed to myself before, “What would Helen Keller do?

    • informationforager Says:

      Very good point Mike. Actually, I’m pretty sure that Helen Keller is probably much better connected to God that most. I wish I could be talking to her right now. Thanks for your comment and input.

  2. Pat Cegan Says:

    I like this very much. Now add that we are all receiving and transmitting energy and when that is combined, think of the power it represents. Can we clean oil spills in the ocean if we all focus on that for instance. We are much more powerful than we think we are and when working together, what can billions of people do? Staggering to think about it. Good post, lots to think about, Forager. Hugs, pat

  3. informationforager Says:

    Hey Thanks for the comment. We’re Ok, I fixed some stuff and we both look like gold. I read you posts. The’re very good. I’m putting you on my blogroll so others can see.

  4. Charline Says:

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    • informationforager Says:

      Thanks for the info. I guess I don’t understand what you mean about my website and web explorer? What exactly does it do or not do? I did find that an Internet Explorer search didn’t altogether list my site. I had to add additional info into the search to find it. How should I test it on my end? Not very tech savvy? Thanks again.

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