Spiritual Book Review: “Love Wins” by Rob Bell

I’ve just finished Rob Bell’s book, “Love Wins”. I personally think that it’s really good.  He asks a lot of sincere questions and then trys in some ways to provide sensible but loving answers that are not written in stone.  His answers are really opened ended questions that says “I don’t know that I have the answers but I know what I don’t believe.”

He doesn’t believe in the traditional hell although he says that hell can be right here on earth. He doesn’t appear to believe in an eternal hell.  He also appears to believe in eventual salvation for all people for all time. I’m paraphrasing his beliefs(concepts) because he did not really say it so pointedly in the book. I think that is  because he is smart enough and wise enough to let YOU, his intelligent audience draw their own conclusions.  He trusts you to hear what you can hear. Sounds a lot like Teacher(though Rob would be the first to say “I’m just a man”).  It’s difficult and courageous to bring up such urgent and controversial questions. He has some other opinions also that challenge us to think or rethink our prior positions of God, Love, Heaven & Hell.

Apparently there is a need for this open-ended discussion and inquiry.  He has a huge audience and a huge following.  While he disowns some prior beliefs and out dated ideas he also makes it clear that living a loving, productive, and ethical life are very important. He doesn’t pander to his audience and he will say things he feels are true whether it’s believed by them or not.  While he is suffering criticism for these ideas of Hell and Eternal Salvation it appears that again the central Message of Love is being missed by many. He’s forging a path that’s meaningful for him and in so doing trying to share that with others. What more could we ask of a good Child of God?

A very good book!!! 9 stars out of 10, *********

ISBN-10: 006204964X

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8 Responses to “Spiritual Book Review: “Love Wins” by Rob Bell”

  1. Pat Cegan Says:

    Good review. During what I called “my spiritual explosion” in my life, I took all my books and gave them to a private library. Then I burned 60 years worth on journals of mine! Yes, that was a bit drastic and now I wish I had my journals. But I was so exasperated by the bs, the out and out lies, etc. in books, religious material, newspapers, news reports of any kind, that I decided to give up reading! Now, I read very selectively and with more than a grain of salt. We must question everything….yes, even what is on my blog! For too long we have just accepted that what we were being taught, what baloney we were fed was “truth.” Now, I challenge everyone to turn off their TVs or better yet, get rid of them, and stay in silence. Just THINK. Then listen. Everything we really need to know is inside just waiting for us to listen. oops…got on my soapbox again. lol! Thanks for the review. hugs, pat

  2. informationforager Says:

    Thanks. One time I gave a whole set of books to a New Age group, I didn’t think that I wanted them anymore. A year later I saw the books and the Group leader said she was absolutely insistent that those books were never given by me, it was funny, but I still didn’t care. Since then It’s all available in CD-Rom. Actually I extremely dislike any reference to New Age thought for my beliefs although I know that people can’t help but box things up. What they don’t know is that people like you and I(unless I’m mistaken about you) is the we can’t help but find new things, Life is spiritual path in flux and that we had had to determine the worth of everything we have studied. What does that mean? I think That you and I will ask ourselves, Is it loving? Is it truth? Is it Respectful? Because of that we don’t care if it’s in a box or not, or if it has a name. I think it’s because we are primarily focused in Values, Principles, Love & Respect. Sorry, soapbox standing. Actually you can get on a soapbox anytime here, I value your input. Thanks.

  3. Pat Cegan Says:

    Thanks for the invitation to speak my “today’s truth” (lol) here. I am delighted when you say something on my bog, too. Since moving from the US to Brazil, I have really had to think about the values I was taught. Here they have many religions and cultures that they mix all together with the most amazing freedom, yet still seem to maintain cultural identities. I love that. I came here as a volunteer but also to learn about spiritual healing. I have visited many different groups and individuals who practice spiritual healing. Most of them have invited me to participate so I have had some facinating experiences for sure. But I would not have been invited had I gone there with a judgemental mind. The sharing has been so rewarding….even the ones that seemed pretty strange…at least until I learned more about them. We need to be totally open to other’s spiritual paths, while still practicing discernment in our own. Your blog is an important site for exploring, awakening, sharing. Keep writing! hugs, pat

  4. informationforager Says:

    Your welcome. I marvel at what you must be learning. If I recollect rightly wasn’t Jesus somehow inhibited from his healings in Bethlehem. Isn’t it true too that a prophet isn’t recognized in their own land. I think that you have had the opportunity to step out and step up. If those people there are more open to healing then it becomes a natural part of life and so it isn’t so mysterious. Thanks.

  5. souldipper Says:

    Ummmm. I like this spot.

  6. informationforager Says:

    Thank You. I’ve been to your blog several times and you have really been delivering stuff up to the world. Keep it up.

  7. ashtonelijah Says:

    Thanks for the review! I’m really interested in reading Love Wins. I love what he says about hell on earth.

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