Spiritual Capitalism

My friend Scott had recently turned his life over to Christ.  He told me, “Yea, by accident I overheard a Christian radio show at the pharmacy that asked its listeners if they were prepared to go to Heaven.   They talked about going to Heaven or going to Hell, what would be my choice, so I chose Heaven.”  For awhile some of my coworkers and I had to endure a continuous monologue of “I got mine. You better get yours too!!!”  As the weeks droned on I finally told him “Scott, you sound like a Spiritual Capitalist.”

When I said that, a little light went off in my head. I realized that actually some of Scott’s outlook is good.  What I realized was that actually we do want to invest in our Spiritual Life.  But not as solitary agents or beings.   The upshot as I understand is, “we are all in this thing together. That our Salvation, whether self or others is absolutely tied up in others.  No man is an island, no person can do it alone.” 

Our investment can be reading the Bible, studying scripture, and analyzing Spiritual things.  I believe though that our greatest “investment”  is in each other.  We should be nurturing our developement, helping one another, sharing lessons learned, and teaching Love & Respect.  It’s a communal thing.  If we want to understand God we should know that no person shall be left behind. 

I’m going to tell an experience here that I wouldn’t ordinarily share with anyone because I would consider it boasting.  My kids don’t know, my mom doesn’t know and my wife doesn’t know. But for example I wanted to share what I belatedly realized was to be a Spiritual Investment:

I was driving down the five lane Base Line Road.  All of a sudden I saw a fairly old woman standing beside the road with her bags and her four-point cane. Her grey hair was blowing wildly in the wind and she had her thumb out facing the traffic.  I initially thought “Oh my goodness, what is she doing, does she want to get hit.”   No one hitchhikes on this road. It was very unusual and I barely swerved around her.  As I passed I looked in my rearview mirror and saw her turn and stridently start hiking behind me, very determined and hurriedly. I almost never pick up hitchhikers but sensed that this woman actually did need some help.   I carefully slowed down, put on the brakes, looked for traffic and put on my emergency lights. Then I opened the passenger side door and watched as she seemed to take forever ambling up to my car. 

She got in and we talked, she had a German accent and was half out of breath.  I told her it was unusual to be hitchhiking on this road, and asked what was going on?   She said that she had just had surgery a couple of weeks ago and that she desperately needed to make her next appointment.   She had missed the bus and needed to catch the next one on Delaware Avenue.  I volunteered to drive her there(I was in no hurry for anything).  We talked and we talked and actually found out that we had some shared beliefs about life.  We developed a great rapport in a couple of minutes but knew that it would soon be over.  I dropped her off and told her,”If I don’t see you again then we’ll meet in the hereafter!”  She started laughing and said, “Sounds good but hopefully not to soon!”

We should become Spiritual Capitalists. We should invest in the Spiritual, invest in humanity, and invest in each other.  Thanks Scott.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

                                     – Mother Theresa


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14 Responses to “Spiritual Capitalism”

  1. DrT Says:

    REally like this. The term is ‘namaste’. It literally means, “The God in me recognizes the God in you.” The ‘bank’, if you will, is deposits to open our hearts and be willing to see, feel, hear, risk with God. When we do that, we get paid with namaste.

  2. informationforager Says:

    Thank you for the info. I’m am going to pursue this and find out more about that word(if there is more). I like that I’m finally catching up to the train, something occurs to me and I find that it’s already been here. Is there such a thing as new Ideas or is it just God-Realization? God be with you.

  3. DrT Says:

    Is there a difference? I personally think that God-realization is certainly at play. How ever, since we are all unique and therefore our relationships (both vertical and horizontal) will be affected by who we are, God will reveal Himself differently. When someone as eloquent as you speak about that realization, it is always new.

    I am beginning to wonder if the train is really moving? Perhaps, we are blessed to already be on the train and God is just slowly telling us that we are on it.

  4. DrT Says:


  5. souldipper Says:

    The fun of being in the company of a convert to anything… 🙂 Hope Scott has learned by now that this is about example, not promotion.

    I’m so glad you stopped and helped that woman – for a number of reasons.

    Yeay, Mother Theresa. It’s so easy to love her.

  6. informationforager Says:

    Yea, thanks for the further clarity of example vs. promotion. An excellant summation. Yeah, Mother Teresa, her statement is just “begin in the beginning.” Thanks.

  7. Professor Taboo Says:

    Great blog & story! Thank you for sharing it! Your post from Jiddu Krishnamurti on truth relates I think to Spiritual Capitalism specifically and generally in our short lives. “Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or coerce people along a particular path.” The point? Put aside differences and be a proactive helping human being, not from some religious ideaology, but from planet earth. Peace my friend. 🙂

  8. informationforager Says:

    Thanks for the comment. We’ll be in touch again.

  9. Carol Leigh Rice, M.A. Says:

    How inspiring and insightful, something to take with me on the Road! Thanks for your wonderful sharing here.

  10. informationforager Says:

    You’re welcome, we learn things everyday. I’ll be seeing your site soon. I’ve noticed that there is like a little online community of spiritual beings talking. Thanks for the comment.

  11. 007blueray Says:

    This post is creative and inspiring. Thank you for sharing a part of your journey with us. Thank you for visiting my blog. As a Lightworker, we try to post as much as we can…any messages that may help us get through this great Aquarian Transition for 2012. Namaste and sending Reiki blessings to you.

  12. Pat Cegan Says:

    Good article and I love Mother’s Teresa’s quote. What would it be like if each of the billions of people on earth made a commitment to help at least one person each day?

    Keep writing and making us think. Hugs, pat

  13. informationforager Says:

    Thanks. Happy Easter!!!

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