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April 26, 2011

All prayers are good. Spoken spontaneously or memorized, sincere or ritual, self or others. All prayers carry.  While I don’t have many memorized prayers I do have prayers that have the same theme or beginning or ending.  Like a jazz or blues musician, I have my favorite riffs and lines that I play over and over.

I’m enclosing here some of my favorite or useful themes of prayer:

I send them my love and my blessings that their life plan is actualized if it be within the alignment of God’s plan.

I pray that they can be healed and made whole on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

I pray that they can be surrounded by Love and bathed in Healing Light. 

I pray that they can see more and be more if they so choose in the light of God.

I pray that I can consecrate this body, concentrate this mind that I may resolve myself to complete wholeness with you.

Some people don’t want prayers.   It’s a violation to pray for those that don’t want prayers. However, I can still pray “General Latent Prayers”, a bank account of god’s love and power if anyone ever decides to accept God and prayer. Like a trust or inheritance for our kids, if they ever want it all they have to do is ask.  These latent prayers are just hovering in the ephemeral universe waiting to be realized:

If anyone ever decides to seek God and to know God then let it be so, let it be real.  Let it be magnified a hundredfold if they ever want know God.

I send my love and blessings to any that would seek love and understanding.  I pray that IF it’s within their current life plan that they ARE healed.  If any want to know God more than let it be so, let it be true, let it be real.

Prayers can be like microscopic surgery.  They can be exact, efficient and to the POINT.

  A friend or relative’s surgery is a good case in point. While we and the patient still believe in earthly healing(surgery) we can still pray for healing in that manner.  We can pray that the surgeon is having a good day.   We can pray that the anesthesiologist and nurses are having a good day.  We can pray that the hospital is fulfilling its obligations properly.  We can pray the our friend or relative is in as peak and healthy a form as possible. We can pray that God guides the surgery, that he works through the surgeon.  We can pray that the surgeon is so on top of his game, that it’s easier than playing dominos, he just knocks them over.

Prayers sometimes should be left in God’s hands.  It may NOT be necessary to make an exact prayer.  The outcome can’t be conceived or seen. In those instances we can only generally pray:

Thy will be done oh Lord, thy will be done.  Not as we might want but according to your Plan. Thank you, God.

 What is that axiom, Let go and Let God.

In some instances, individuals have a path that is not to our understanding. I can’t remember where I read this but I’m reminded of the boy who came into his prayer benefactors dreams and specifically asked not to be prayed for.  His earthly mission was to be ill with disease so that his loved ones could know the love of caring for another.  His mission was a pathway for them to give LOVE.

Some may not like the above paragraph or understand it or believe it.  Sometimes I think that also.  I walk around in my daily life, I see things, come across things and I think “Is that man or God?”  “Are their spiritual things going on there that I don’t understand?”  Probably.  All I can do is my best.  Will I make mistakes?  Probably.   So with that I can only say, “Help me God, help me so very much please.”

“Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.”

                                                                                     – St. Augustine