Spiritual Book Review: “Your Life….Understanding the Universal Laws” by Bruce McArthur

This particular post is a kind of trilogy of understanding that I’m recently embracing and hope to share with others.  We know what Love is, is there more?

Bruce McArthur has undertaken an adventuresome book.  The full title is “Your Life: Why It Is the Way It Is and What You Can Do About It – Understanding the Universal Laws” by Bruce McArthur.   It’s too long of a title to have as the name of this particular post.  Compared with the wisdom and insight of this book the lengthy name is inconsequential .  The book is ISBN #0-87604-300-7 and is about 276 pages long.

Bruce MacArthur was an Electrical Engineer and an Executive.  He pondered that state of the world and had the courage to wonder “How does it work?” He was familiar with the teachings of Jesus and understood learning the lessons of Love.

In his introduction he makes a very clear case for his questions and searching.  He sought to know how the Universe works.   What is the Spiritual Structure of this world?    What is the bottom line?

He begins his case with  the thought that God’s Laws must be Universal and unmutable (unchangeable), they must apply equally  to everyone.   He makes the analogy of electricity laws.  He learned these laws of electricity in his youth and realized that they were so perfect he could imagine and design whole circuits with nothing but pen and paper.  Upon leaving his study he could then build these circuits right every time, the first time.  He knew too that these electricity laws were equally good in India, Ohio, or Sweden.  The electricity laws are Universal. From these simple electrical explorations he realized that God’s Laws must be like this.   In fact, he again realized that even the mere electricity laws were part and parcel  of God’s Laws.    Nothing is separated, nothing is isolated.

He began a more earnest journey to know these Universal Spiritual Laws and eventually found the  teachings of a spiritual healer that imparted these laws sensibly.

In short, but not all, some of these Laws are:

“As you sow so shall you reap”

“Like begets Like”

“There is nothing by chance”

“As you give you gain in understanding”

“Spirit is the Life, Mind is the builder, Physical is the result”

These are but a smattering of his so-called research of the Universal Spiritual Laws.  In the back of the book he lists 32 separate laws that should be applicable in one’s life.  They are very good laws.

My own thoughts: electricity laws and Universal Laws share other common attributes.   Like electricity laws the Universal Laws are impartial, they shock, harm or alarm exactly alike or the can build and shine a light unto the world.

Addendum: I haven’t referenced the teacher healer by name because while I give credit where credit is due I realize that Mankind desperately wants to play the “My guru is better than your guru game.”   If each of us searches in the same manner that Bruce McArthur has, we can actually see more, be more and understand more.


“There is an orderliness in the universe, there is an unalterable law governing everything and every being that exists or lives. It is no blind law; for no blind law can govern the conduct of living beings”
      -Mahatma Gandi

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12 Responses to “Spiritual Book Review: “Your Life….Understanding the Universal Laws” by Bruce McArthur”

  1. metaphyzgirl Says:

    Brill article. I will certainly be checking this book out on Amazon. Thank you for sharing. Namaste.

  2. metaphyzgirl Says:

    I have ordered the book: Your life … Understanding the universal laws so thank you for bringing my attention to it. I have also ordered another one of his books called: The Intelligent heart: Transform your life with the laws of love.

  3. informationforager Says:

    I hope you like it. I will order the other book also. It looks like a more recent book(1997) that is co-authored by him and his son. I like tht because that means there is probably more exerienced information and insight.
    Again a total list of the laws are on the very back page and that’s the one pge I reference the most. Thnaks.

  4. 5ecular4umanist Says:

    Hi there. You are clearly a sincere believer in spiritual matters and I wanted to comment on your remark, ‘I realize that Mankind desperately wants to play the “My guru is better than your guru game.”’

    Couldn’t the same be said of religion? “My god is better than your god”. Isn’t this the cause of so much trouble in the world, now and throughout history?

    I grew up in a Christian environment, although religion didn’t feature in my day-to-day life and my parents weren’t overtly religious. I dallied with New Ageism and Buddhism in my late teens and early 20s, but settled for non-belief.

    In recent years, I acknowledged my atheism more openly and am pleased to say it has enriched my life with an increased sense of fellowship with other non-believers. It has also rekindled my life-long interest in science, particularly cosmology, geology and the evolution of life on Earth.

    As an atheist with a firm foundation in science, I feel this is the most natural way to live our lives, in peaceful secular cooperation with others and with respect for the planet and life in all its forms.

    • informationforager Says:

      Yes, you’ve brought up some excellent points. The “Guru To God” analogy is absolutely correct. It has been a competitive world of one-upmanship. It has been a world of Man creating God that frequently serves him personally and not mankind as a collective. Without saying it in so many words (and I just realized it) I actually should be pointing out that their God is my God and Versa-Visa. Yes, many people and groups want to “own” God. They want God in their pocket and it’s frequently used to control and dominate others.
      I differ from many religious/spiritual people in that I don’t believe in an anthropomorphic God. I should say that I don’t know what God is? The word itself has all kinds of weighted and loaded connotations. I use the word God because that’s the only thing that people can relate to the idea of what I’m talking about. The nomenclature itself is faulty. I wish we had a better word or better idea but we don’t. At this point(subject to change) I believe that God is akin to the Natural World. The short “10 cent” answer is I just realize that there is “more” and that God can’t really be defined.
      I love science and believe in evolution, but I probably don‘t believe in it enough to suit most scientists(i.e. completely). If God says we all came from apes or all apes say we came from God, that’s fine with me. I’m not going to argue with the apes, the scientists, or God. Just as some scientists believe that it isn’t necessary to believe in God I don’t believe that I have to 100% affirm evolution. I ABSOLUELTY feel that evolution should be TAUGHT in schools. I don’t believe in Intelligent Design except to say that the people that believe that are finally saying that God is at least smart and there probably is a plan. I must confess that one of my favorite books is “On the Origin of Species: The Illustrated Edition.” I also have “The Interpretation of Dreams: The Illustrated Edition” by Sigmund Freud. We all want certainty, but I’m a little bit prepared to wait till the end instead of saying “this is it“. The scientists too want certainty and dominance.
      Why can’t God and Science be the same thing? This is why I think that Karma should be redefined not as a Spiritual Teaching but as Science,(it’ll never happen), “What goes around, comes around.“ A relevant post I’ve written tries to highlight Henry Ford’s understanding of Reincarnation and Karma as Natural Law.


      I believe that Henry Ford understood Karma as Natural Science Law. A good quote that explains part of my position from one of my other posts is:

      There are no unnatural or supernatural phenomena, only very large gaps
      in our knowledge of what is natural.
      Edgar Mitchell
      Apollo 14 Astronaut

      One of the things that separates me from many other religious people is I don’t really believe in miracles or mysticism. What does that mean? It means that like a scientist, I believe there is an answer for everything. There is a reason for everything. I may not currently understand it but I do believe that there is a logic behind things. I don’t believe in deus ex machina (God out of the machine). In fact, it really bothers me when some accident occurs somewhere and the lone survivor says “God snatched me from the jaws of Death.” I just laugh because maybe God took all the others to heaven, maybe God didn’t find him good enough for the hereafter. Another post in which I talk about some proposed definitions of God is:


      On the one occasion that I tried to explain my non-belief in miracles to some scientists/atheists I was accused of being an “accomdationist”. That really hurt because frequently those scientists don’t understand there are Spiritual People that think rationally, there are spiritual people that have disavowed their hereditary and geographically righteous backgrounds. I have asked questions, I have studied, I have pondered the Universe beyond the end of my street. There are people that are looking for answers but don’t necessarily believe that the scientists version of reality holds ALL the answers.
      If I figure some things out and if sometimes I’m a scientist then why do I believe in God? Because my experiences are undeniable. My intuitions, my dreams(Freud again), my seemingly out of context time/space events(psychic, gee, I hate that word), my karmic experiences dictate that the rational mind is not the end all, know all of existence. No amount of rationality can undermine my experiences. I can’t explain it….yet; but I do believe there are reasons for these things.
      With these thoughts about “experiences” I often wonder why most scientists deny their own experiences? Do any of them keep dream journals? Do any of them record events that are initially logically inexplicable(temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events, from Carl Jung)? I mean without risk of jeopardizing their career. Just as a scientist finds and discovers a new tree, plant, rock, or life form and doesn’t initially categorize or dismiss it; can’t the same be done for our experiences? Maybe their scientific dogma says “Shh, don’t say that!!” I would like to meet some psychic scientists but I think their institutional mindset inhibits that.
      Recently I have been reading the book “The Righteous Mind” by Moral Psychologist Jon Haidt. On page 36 he explains a scientifically controlled experiment in which the applicants were given a choice to sign a contract in exchange for $2.00. The gist of the contract was “I somebody #9, hereby sell my soul, after my death, to researcher#9, for the sum of $2.00. The contract included language that was non-binding or legal and that the applicant could tear up the contract after they got the $2.00. The research project could only get an initial 23 per cent to sign the contract. The Researcher was able to verbally persuade another 17 per cent to sign the contract but here’s another interesting wrinkle. Some of the applicants were atheists, didn’t believe in souls and they still wouldn’t sign the paper.
      Jon Haidt also discovered in his studies that the psychology community was inherent liberal. These Ivory Tower professors were actually somewhat out of touch with the world. Why is that shocking? Because the supposed “peer reviewed” papers published in the leading journals were in fact inherently biased. There were few conservatives to actually contest these research papers. The conservative psychologists were pychologized out of a real and public voice. Why is this important? Because I think the same thing happens in the scientific community. The Religious/Spiritual scientists run the risks of ruining their careers if they speak out much of their extended Religious/Spiritual beliefs.
      One last thought. The examination of psychic abilities is a fruitless endeavor. Our collective psychic knowledge may be an evolutionary event waiting to happen. Why is it ahead of us? Because individually and collectively we may not have the maturity to use such ability properly. If thoughts are indeed things, couldn’t it be that “if looks could kill” were real, than that would have devastating consequences. If most of us did have psychic power, how many could really realize the responsibility of it. Whenever psychic ability has been tested, has it been tested as an energy /power principal or a spiritual/people idea?
      Although I’ve been long-winded in this reply I don’t really think of religion/spiritual matters as a mental exercise. In fact I think I agree with you that we should live in cooperation and respect the planet and life in all it’s forms. Thanks.

  5. loss of amenity Says:

    I have learn some good stuff here. Definitely price bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how so much attempt you place to make any such excellent informative site.

  6. divineadvancedhumanbeings.com Says:

    How We and the Universe Work Properly via Complete Circuits…..

    When we give to one another, we should always give it back; so, that we have a “complete circuit of giving” that will last an eternity. This is the way that the universe was designed to work properly for a desired effect.

    Just as we should see ourselves in one another, we should see ourselves reflected in our current economy and government as they both always reflect who we are as a society.

    What is it that we see in our economy? What do we say to God when we go to the bank to get a loan wanting to borrow money? We say that, we hope that we will have the money to pay this money back in the future and we say to God, “Dear God, I pray that you will bless me in the future and allow me to make the money I need to pay for this”, and God says this back to us, “Why don’t you go without for a period of time and when you have saved the money you need to purchase what you want, I will give you your blessing. I will allow you to see yourself as a man or woman who is listening and who has accomplished great things in troubled times.”

    Our individual computer programs allow us to hear two (2) different voices (or messages) from within and when we hear the voice (the voice of deceit) in our left ear that tells us that we can have what we want now, we run to it because this is what we want to hear and at the same time… we tell God who is speaking to us in our right ear, “We do not care to hear you, you do not tell us what we want to hear.” When we wait to hear God tell us what we want to hear, we hear nothing.

    We must give in order to receive; this is a basic law of the universe. This law is inherent in the physics of nature.


  7. Colleen Says:

    Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m inspired!
    Very helpful information particularly the remaining
    phase 🙂 I maintain such information much.
    I was looking for this particular info for a very long time.
    Thanks and best of luck.

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