All We Need Is Love(…..and Law,…..and Truth)

As I’ve progressed through my life I’ve realized certain things that seemed self-evident actually require further exposition and explanation. Growing up as a child of the 60’s and the 70’s many of the people of my generation became very acquainted with the phrase, “All you need is Love.” It was the height of the hippie era and life actually seemed quite simple and direct with that wonderful appealing mantra. “Yes, all we need is Love and the world will work, the world will be better, our Universe will be Grand.” An old rock group “The Beatles” even had a song called “All You Need Is Love.” I want to abandon, change, or modify that singular concept.

I now believe that we should actually expand that Ideal to include Law and Truth. A trilogy of Ideals that are all completely intertwined and are in fact ONE IDEAL.

LAW: Somehow, someway the Universe needs, wants or has A STRUCTURE. It has a bottom line, it has a remedial and corrective force in our lives that propels us ever upward toward greater and greater goodness. We can call this Man-made Law, Natural Law, or Karmic Law.

I believe that Man-made Law is like a reflection in a pool of water. Man-made Law is just a mere watery reflection of God’s Law. In the end it is found wanting. It’s less than perfect and in fact seems to rely quite a bit upon punishment instead of remedial, corrective teaching. Still, temporarily, it’s the best that we have and the best that we can currently understand.

More attuned to God’s Laws and acting more as a true “mirror” is Natural Law. Most of this is observable by mankind in his everyday environment, i.e. Nature’s Law. When we look at our external world we find the discoverer of real world Laws: Newton’s law of universal gravitation, Newton’s law of heat conduction, Gauss’s law for magnetism, Faraday’s law of induction, Faraday’s law of electrolysis, Kepler’s laws of planetary motion.

If I understand these correctly, most of these laws are immutable. I can’t fly, I can’t go backwards in time, I can’t create a perpetual motion machine. However, if I work within the laws, I can fly in an airplane, I can learn from history, and I can become a steward of God’s earth and energy.

Last is Karmic Law. True Law. The total embodiment of Law. The will of God made manifest. What goes around, comes around. What you sow , you also shall reap. Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you. The Golden Rule. This Karma is both a backward correction and a forward momentum. It is a Universal Mill Grindstone that grinds down to make a renewed substance in refined Spiritual Flour. It also works like a Universal Weaving Loom that is constantly creating new weaves of Love and Opportunity. The one(the mill) is wearing and grinding down the supposedly useless weeds into a Renewable Spiritual Nourishment while the other(the loom) is building newer and finer tapestries of Spiritual Cohesion and Fabric.

This is why it’s important to understand science, it’s describing our world.

This is a good point also to show the main connecting point between two supposedly opposite institutions, Religion and Science. In various degrees both are interested in the…..

TRUTH: Both Religion and Science want to know how the world works. While religion frequently expounds on the truth, science tries to discover it. For one, it’s self-evident and for the other it’s a frontier. While one(religion) may appear delusional the other(Science) can appear as Godless. I don’t just gobble up the dictates of religious authorities and I also don’t believe in a world of just rocks, stars, and DNA. In actuality we are all trying to find the Truth whether we are religious scholars or scientists. We all want answers that really are self-evident and that are real.

As I expounded in my earlier post, Truth is like light. It broadcasts and illuminates everything everywhere. We all seek the truth and we all have various ways of concealing our own falsehoods. Besides the song “All We Need Is Love,” one the songwriters of the Beatles, John Lennon, wrote another great song of Spiritual Ideals called “Gimme Some Truth.” The song is really a plea for honesty, sincerity, earnestness and justice. It’s a simple plea from a single man on the state of the world.

Part of my point here is not any exaltation of the The Beatles or John Lennon but to illustrate that these ideas and Ideals are actually very common. These Ideals are sought out among Rock Stars, Religious Scholars, Scientists and everyone. Everyone wants to know the Truth. Everyone knows a little bit of truth.

LOVE: I could write a ton of words about this subject but it’s actually our greatest life lesson. It will permeate every facet of our lives as Mother, Son, Spouse, and Elder. We will each change seats in our lives and take up the different positions to learn new facets of Love and Connection. As I stumble through this life I keep finding myself in each of those different positions and marvel at the thought of each new assignment. “Oh, this time I’m the Good Son, now I’m the Good Dad, soon I’ll be the Good Grandpa(I hope I can do it).” Try as I might to write it down and capture it in a phrase or a word, it just doesn’t translate, it has to be lived.

These three Ideas are actually ONE IDEAL that are all absolutely interconnected and inseparable.

To understand how these truly do fit together we need to understand that actually each precept overlaps the other:

We can be responsible, structured, scientific and lawful and still be unloving.

We can be Truthful and still be a loveless being.

We can be Truthful and still be irresponsible, unruly and unlawful

We can Love another but still be unfaithful and untruthful.

We can Love another but still be irresponsible, unruly and unlawful

Although I could probably make an analytical Venn diagram of these three components I think that the point is made that these three are all part of ONE IDEAL. To have one without the other is a short selling of Spirituality And God.

A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life depend upon the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the measure as I have received and am still receiving.

– Albert Einstein


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8 Responses to “All We Need Is Love(…..and Law,…..and Truth)”

  1. Carol Leigh Rice Says:

    This is a wonderfully clear explanation of how Karma and “Law” work. I agree very much with the idea of a supportive, corrective, teaching, and expansion-oriented power that seems to pervade at least the human universe. Love this Triad of posts! Carol

    • informationforager Says:

      Thank you very much. It took me so long to realize karma in this combination of words. Expereince was a main factor after having seen loveless relationships and other mishaps of Love. Law ans Truth kind of rounded out the picture for this aging hippie. Peace be with you.

      • Carol Leigh Rice Says:

        We are so lucky to be in the ageing hippy “Boomer” soul group!Thanks for your email too – as I have noted on my Gravatar (picture here), I have made my blog private just to me temporarily while I decide what I want to do! I am not forming an “exclusive club” or anything…

  2. informationforager Says:

    Well enough. I trust your judgement to do what’s right for you and whatever you do I know we can still meet up sometime in the hereafter(Probably some Hippie Heaven).

  3. Lady Marilyn Kay Dennis Says:

    I have been saying for years that Spirituality (not Religion) and Science are each on two different roads, both heading in the same direction. Once they arrive at their individual destinations, they will be astounded to discover that they are in the same place.

    Religion, on the other hand, is all about rules. It was necessary for communities which did not have an equitable legal system. Religion helped people to live together peacefully and gave them a moral framework within which to live. I think that these divisive religions will eventually die out as people become more spiritually orientated. This will only happen when Science has arrived at its destination on its quest for Truth.

    We need to stop telling people that they can’t do things like fly. Humans can fly. It is called levitation. There is also out-of-body travelling. As long as we keep telling people that they are incapable of doing something, we are stopping them from succeeding in doing it. Worse, we are stopping them from even trying to do it. Humans can do absolutely anything that they set their minds to doing. Thought creates. Thoughts plus emotions are very powerful. If we want to create positive, beneficial things, the most powerful emotion to achieve this is Love.

  4. informationforager Says:

    Thanks for your comments. In my opinion, most of the religions have been self-serving provincial power taking groups. Although I have to admit that these religions have offered a cohesion to the world. As we segue into this Aquarian Age with a Religious Pluralism the old structures will fall away. As we look at the last couple of centuries(Martin Luther, Emanuel Swedenborg, Carl Jung, Paramahansa Yogananda, Jiddu Krishimurti) it becomes obvious that the center will not hold. Direct, personal Spiritual consciousness will be the norm.

    I don’t want to doubt that some people can fly, or levitate, or have out of body experiences. It’s kind of a non-issue with me and currently I will continue to take planes in this lifetime. I know too that if “I” were to go up on my roof right now and jump off with the hope of flying that it would not work out the way I thought it would. However, I highly encourage anyone that wants to fly to do so….but not from the rooftop,…..maybe down lower from the ground.

    Karmically(is that a word), right now, I’m where I should be and I know that others are very much advanced in their Spiritual Path. There is an old story from “Autobiography of a Yogi” that tells of a devotee that spent years learning to levitate across the river. His master gently chastised him and said something like “Why would you do that when you can just take the bridge?” We are trapped on our thoughts and our misunderstood Ideals.

    I’m currently reading a book by “Seth” called “The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events” which talks about and hopefully explains these very things. We are, as you so correctly point out, very much trapped by our own thoughts. With our NEW thoughts we will break out and forge new understandings and relationships. One chapter in this book is supposed to explain very clearly the difference between Idealism and Fanaticism.

    This is a crux that I have gone over before in my posts and have even had lengthy discussions with people commenting on my posts. It’s a subject that I hope to cover sometime soon with some title like, “When is Faith Real and not Fanaticism or Stupidity?”

    Thank you again for you thoughts. I desperately want and need to hear your thoughts and understandings because there aren’t really any leaders. Most of the very advanced spiritual beings keep saying, “Don’t follow me, follow the path.” Peace be with you.

  5. Kimberly Mitchell Says:

    Love you post. Thanks for sharing your explanation of karma. Adding law and truth to the equation of love is both interesting and revealing. Also, thanks for sharing your comments on my site. It’s so nice to know there are others feeling and reading my thoughts. 🙂

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