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Astrology: The Mirror

September 16, 2011

These are my observances, thoughts and opinions of Astrology. First, what Astrology is not.  It is not the daily horoscope as commonly found in the newspapers.  If you pay a dollar for advice you will get a dollar’s worth of advice(shades of instant karma).  If you read the daily advice column you can usually be certain that it won’t be about your exact concerns and problems. Dear Abby doesn’t apply to everyone all the time. Why don’t these columns and horoscopes work?   Because each and every human being is different and unique.  Every Astrology Birth Chart is different. Even the stock market page advises each person to consult a broker for real financial advice.

In my opinion(which varies with much of the Astrological community) Astrology is not a  psychic instrument and  forecasting the future can be difficult and challenging.   In short I don’t particularly find it to be a great instrument in predicting the future.   However, it can be useful nonetheless.   Just as I might look at the weather forecast or the stock market trends or the political landscape I can possibly draw likely scenarios of the future.  I just can’t do so with certainty.   Three days out and the weather can completely change.  There are too many variables to read to make completely accurate predictions.

It is not a religion but is it part of the spiritual as we all are. It is not science but it is mathematical and exact. Between religion and science, it has become an outcast of the modern world.

In truth, Astrology shares much in common with psychology. The famous psychologist Carl Jung used Astrology. A fair amount of psychologists use Astrology.

The stars do not determine our fate, they mirror our personality and reflect our likely dispositions. Our fate is still determined by us.

What the Astrology Birth Chart does do is to mirror our world.

The actual birth chart is like a snapshot of the most important moment of your life, the moment you were born. Truly the most significant moment of your life.    If we had a big enough camera and snapped a picture of the universe from the exact time and place of your birth the picture and the birth chart would look the same.   It would show exactly where the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mars were at that exact time/spot where you were born.  This is why it’s a mirror.  It’s a reflection of how you view the world.

So why is Astrology so hard to understand?   One, because all of the planets and houses need to be understood in their own context and in relationship to one another.   This would require homework for the true student to understand the whole picture. Another reason it’s so hard is the planets describe ourselves as energy.   This is a difficult idea to understand. It’s even more difficult to describe.  How do we describe a waterfall or a bonfire?  How can we describe steam or electricity?   How can we describe a hurricane or a sunny summer day.  But in our lives we all know people who are like emotional waterfalls, fiery bonfires, hellfire hurricanes or beautiful sunny days.   Any worthwhile system takes time to get a comprehensive view.

It worth it for each individual to have their own chart calculated and interpreted by a reputable Astrologer.   Only by doing this can others understand.  It’s a soft science in that judgements and interpretations are determined just as a psychologist does in his evaluation with patients. It’s a science in that the Birth Chart has to be calculated from the persons exact time and place of birth to determine that exact placement of the planets at the time of birth.   Several books have to be consulted to calculate the chart(an ephemeris, a table of houses). The cost is minimal compared to the knowledgeable information.


I can’t go over both of the children charts and there is too much in each chart to post on even one site.  I have culled from the interpretation of a book called “The Only Way To Learn Astrology”. This is actually a very common book that can be found in any New Age bookstore or even in Barnes & Noble or

Here is their birth data.   In using the book a person would read up on a planet/house combination and see if it fits the respective individual. The relevent parts that pertain to them I will have in bold and italics print.

Date                     Time             Place


Jan. 5, 1993,   10:31 AM  EST,  Port Huron, Michigan   Placidus House System


Aug. 6, 1993   08:10 AM EDT,  Monroe, Michigan   Placidus House System

For my example I have used the Moon indicating the mother figure(also the sign of Cancer) and the Sun/Saturn representing the Father figure.

First my son:

He has a Moon in Pisces in the 8th house. The 8th house and PISCES sign are both indicative of secrets.   PISCES is also related to the 12th house of things hidden from others.   This 12th house is also the house of secluded or private institutions like prisons, mental institutions, monasteries or hospitals. For our purposes it means an absent mother or secret mother.

My son has the Sun in the 12th house(house of secrets or isolation) which can also mean an absent or secret father.

My daughters information is even more direct and with one exception is quoted exactly from the book with the relevent page and line numbers.

MARS IN CANCER Page 171, line 9 of the paragraph

“Mars in Cancer can lead to an early separation from the mother”

SATURN IN THE 12TH HOUSE Page 216, Line 9 of the paragraph

“With harsh aspects, your father may have faded out of your life early”

Her Moon is in Gemini which could be interpreted to mean two mothers.

These sentences and interpretations fit nicely into their real lives because:

The children have never known their respective birth parents because my wife and I adopted them as infants.

It’s also possible to have one’s chart done online and to buy the books and read up the interpretations on one’s own.   It is absolutely important that the DATE, EXACT TIME TO THE MINUTE, AND THE PLACE BE EXACT. Even so I would still highly advise that a person consult a reputable Astrologer for the best interpretation.  When we look at ourselves sometimes we fudge the truth and this is another reason to consult an Astrologer personally.

nosce te ipsum     (Know Yourself) 

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
                                           – Aristotle


Karma(….here we go again!)

March 16, 2011

What goes around, comes around. He’ll get His!  One good deed deserves another.You get what you pay for.  For every action there is an opposite but equal reaction. The good or bad you do to others is requited.  It’ll all come out in the wash. What goes up must come down, …. and round and round we go, where we stop, nobody knows.

Have you ever met brand new “old” friends? Could this then explain the feelings one gets when they meet a new person and feel as though they have known them their whole life already? Were they friends or relatives from a past life?  Could this also be the same feeling as seeing a new place that one has never been to and yet felt as though one is at “home”? Isn’t there a remembrance? We’ve lived there before and we know it. The word Deja vu from the French, from déjà, “already”, + vu, “seen”, means “already seen”.  Been there, done that.

Whenever I see Civil War Reenactors I wonder how many are just reenacting their own past lives. 

Life’s current unexplainable fears may be the result of bad past life experiences.    A fear of heights, a fear of open water, a fear of closed spaces could all be the result of bad experiences in the environments or situations of a past life. 

Our talents could be the result of many past lives in that career or occupation.   Maybe Mozart was a musician for many, many lives.    Maybe Albert Einstein was Isaac Newton. Then maybe Isaac Newton was Galileo Galilei.   Then maybe he was……you get the picture.

It’s not just the things we do that have effect,  it’s also the things that we don’t do. There are the sins of commission and the sins of omission.   Not only must people love one another but they must also stand up for one another.   Besides helping them and loving them we also must stand up for them.  Their business is our business(unless they tell us otherwise).

Although I like to figure what the outcomes and possibilities are for karma, it also scares me because it is right on the cusp of me judging them.    Should every World War German officer come back as a Jew, should every Plantation Owner come back as a slave?  Should every laborer become capitalist or every servant become exalted King ?  It’s not for us to say but for us to tread lightly ourselves.


                                                                                                     -Lennon & McCartney

Mechanics of Karma(Spirituality 102)

March 15, 2011

How does it work again?    As like the natural law that we observe all around us.    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – Newton.  All that we do is reflected all around us. If we help a child to read in this life then the next life will have others helping us to read. If we are selfish, then we can expect others to be selfish. If we exhibit unwarranted pride, we can expect to be thrust in with those that are unnecessarily prideful and boastful. If we control another person, in the next life we can expect to be controlled.  If we raise a loving family we can expect to be raised in a loving family.   

Why would normal people believe such far fetched ideas?   Isn’t reincarnation crazy, isn’t it  a religious belief in India?

It takes a lot of courage to step out on one’s own and listen to other ideas that may be true.

In 1901 Oliver Bartho gave Henry Ford a thin volume book callA Short View Of Great Questions.  It was written by Orlando Jay Smith  and contained a lengthy explanation of reincarnation that greatly excited Ford.  For the rest of his life Henry Ford espoused to any that would listen that he believed in reincarnation.  Why would Henry Ford believe such a UnAmerican Idea?    Because Ford was a  Mechanic.   He understood cause and effect.   He knew that when one piston goes down another piston must go up.   That to get B to work you have to do A.    That there is a continuity of motion from one object to another. This is Karma and he understood it.  He also felt that this explained his abilities and gifts for mechanical things, his talent for building things and designing things.   These were talents that he felt were acquired from previous lives.   Wouldn’t that explain why some people have exceptional skills and abilities, because they have been learning them for lifetimes. 

 Genius is experience. Some seem to think that it is a gift or talent, but it is the fruit of long experience in many lives.
                                                                                                                                                                                      – Henry Ford

I believe we are reincarnated. You, I, we reincarnate over and over. We live many lives, and store up much experience. Some are older souls than others and so they know more. It seems to be an intuitive “gift.” It is really hard-won experience.
                                                                                                                                                                               – Henry Ford


An Early Spiritual Ideal(Spirituality 101)

March 14, 2011

Let me cut to the quick with some of what I’ve been talking about.  How can we all get to heaven?   Why do some people suffer?   Why do some people succeed?   What contains Science, Philosophy, Religion, Law and Love.  Reincarnation does.   It’s Science in that it is Truth, a main objective of science. It’s philosophy in that it’s a way to live(a way to succeed). It’s a religion in that it is of God and from God(God being patient love and Toughlove).  It’s law because it is  just, equitable, constant,and unchangeable.    It is Love because God created Time and Space for mankind to exercise” free will” while all the time ever holding out our reunion with the Him, the Creator. Again not by force, but by our own will and choice.   

Reincarnation is the belief that we return to earth in life after life until we have achieved the God Consciousness.  Until we have learned the Golden Rule.  We return to learn from our past mistakes and grow by our spiritual understandings. 

For example if an individual was prejudice of certain minorities, wouldn’t  it be justice to return as a member of  that minority. Wouldn’t it be just for that person to experience the same prejudice that the individual created in their prior life.  Not as punishment but as God’s classroom.  This is called Karma.   We reap what we sow.

If we as individuals help one another and care for one another don’t we reap those good fortunes in the next life.  Are those favored people lucky or just spiritually wise and experienced?

Like all great things it’s simple and complicated.  It takes awhile for an individual to wrap their head around such a grand idea.

Karma is not like Deus ex machina, the “God out of a box” that solves all problems instantly.   He doesn’t come down and rap you on the knuckles.   Instead it’s more like a Mandala or like looking through a child’s Kaleidoscope.  No matter what way you turn the dial it forms a perfect and symmetrical design.  Our lives move by design.  Each of our lives are like that.  Each of our lives are like a fantastic diamond.  Some are rough and some are polished.

Spirituality 102 coming soon!!!

 “I’m a great believer in the hereafter, in karma, in reincarnation. It does make sense. I believe that God is not just a law-giver, but a creative artist. The greatest of all. And what characterises artists is that they want to redo their work. Maybe it didn’t come off perfectly, so they want to see it done again, and improved. Reincarnation is a way for God to improve his earlier works.” —Norman Mailer