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Happy Easter, Rob Bell and Chad Holtz

April 23, 2011

Rob Bell & Chad Holtz,

Chad Holtz

Thanks for having the courage to call it as you see it.  Because of your simple words you have managed to give many, many people a new sense of Hope, a new way of Faith, a new look at an old Understanding.  I understand that the old version of Hell is obsolete.   We no longer need to scare people to God.  They thirst for God on their own.  The people want to know.

The people know that an old God of eternal damnation doesn’t exist.  The real God  does believe in Resurrection, He believes on Our Resurrection.  He also believes in Love, Fairness, Justice.   God could no more cast us aside then I could disown my own children.  My children will always be redeemable in my eyes.  We will always be redeemable in God’s eyes. 

Thanks for NOT saying “God is like this…, Hell is like that….,  Heaven is like this…!”  It’s hard to understand for some people but what you did was to not replace one illusion with another.   You don’t know and neither do I.   We should let God show us what heaven is like.  I want “certainty” also, like many people do, but I’m not prepared to CREATE NEW THEOLOGY. Instead let us, all of us, embark on a new course of Spiritual Reality.

Thank you for making clear that we must still be accountable.  We must still do good.  The old Hell is gone but somehow we believe that God will give an Equitable Justice, a Fair Assessment, an Earnest Accountability. We WILL pay back what we owe and redeem our indiscretions.  When those lessons come they will be cloaked in Love and should be accepted by each of us with Love.

Rob Bell:

Chad Holtz:

Redemption can be found in hell itself if that’s where you happen to be.

                                                                                              –LIN JENSEN


Spiritual Book Review: “Love Wins” by Rob Bell

April 12, 2011

I’ve just finished Rob Bell’s book, “Love Wins”. I personally think that it’s really good.  He asks a lot of sincere questions and then trys in some ways to provide sensible but loving answers that are not written in stone.  His answers are really opened ended questions that says “I don’t know that I have the answers but I know what I don’t believe.”

He doesn’t believe in the traditional hell although he says that hell can be right here on earth. He doesn’t appear to believe in an eternal hell.  He also appears to believe in eventual salvation for all people for all time. I’m paraphrasing his beliefs(concepts) because he did not really say it so pointedly in the book. I think that is  because he is smart enough and wise enough to let YOU, his intelligent audience draw their own conclusions.  He trusts you to hear what you can hear. Sounds a lot like Teacher(though Rob would be the first to say “I’m just a man”).  It’s difficult and courageous to bring up such urgent and controversial questions. He has some other opinions also that challenge us to think or rethink our prior positions of God, Love, Heaven & Hell.

Apparently there is a need for this open-ended discussion and inquiry.  He has a huge audience and a huge following.  While he disowns some prior beliefs and out dated ideas he also makes it clear that living a loving, productive, and ethical life are very important. He doesn’t pander to his audience and he will say things he feels are true whether it’s believed by them or not.  While he is suffering criticism for these ideas of Hell and Eternal Salvation it appears that again the central Message of Love is being missed by many. He’s forging a path that’s meaningful for him and in so doing trying to share that with others. What more could we ask of a good Child of God?

A very good book!!! 9 stars out of 10, *********

ISBN-10: 006204964X

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