More prayer methods. When and Where to Pray. When I can’t sleep is a really good time to pray.  Taking a walk is another. Folding clothes is another good time. Kneeling in Prayer beside my bed.  Prayer in church is good.  Prayer after church is good. If you are Muslim then you should probably pray to the East.   If you think that you have special requirements for prayer then you should follow them. But, if you can see other ways then do it. Pray to the North, West, & South.    Pray at Sunrise, pray at Sunset.

I haven’t talked about the Chakras yet.  That is concerning Meditation.  But it is also an alignment of our bodies and minds.   We are really seeking a physical, mental, emotional,and spiritual coordination.  We are sick when one of those four are out of alignment with the other three.  I bring this up because there is another way that I pray that “seizes the moment”, carpe diem. 

There’s a scene from the movie “Ghost” where Patrick Swayze is a lost and lonely ghost wandering the subways. He meets another ghost and pumps him for information. One thing that he asks is how can I control and move things in the material world again.   The other ghost uses a tin can to train Patrick how to push around material objects from their state of the Hereafter.  The principal lesson is that Patrick must reach way down inside of himself to find the emotional energy to “thrust” the tin can.  Patrick realizes that it’s more than a mere mental exercise. He then conjures that mental/emotional energy and  thrusts the can across the floor.

 If prayer seems like a duty then we need to try something new. We need to thrust our prayers. We need to give them importance. 

I was attending the county fair with my kids. We decided to ride the ferris wheel.  We get on and it starts to rotate upwards and naturally we became excited and wonderous of the view all at the same time.   We reached the top and were feeling “on top of the world”. As we descended I instinctually and emotionally realized “this is it”, PRAY NOW.   As we came up again to the top and we gazed at the whole surrounding countryside I mouthed the silent prayers for people, issues and opportunities. Because my emotions and my mind were aligned I felt these to be particularly powerful and good prayers.

I now try to pray using all of my emotional contexts.  I’m not in a state that my prayer is constant, but I realize now that I can and probably should pray when I am sad, depressed, hurt, happy, glad and moved. If it’s not a so pleasant an emotion I can transform it. If it’s a good emotion I can make it better.

So now if I’m depressed I say a prayer. If I am sullen I say a prayer. If I am anxious I say a prayer. If I’m walking through the countryside or the cosmpolitian city I say a prayer. If I’m walking on the beaches of St. Augustine I say a prayer.

As my kids and I got off the ferris wheel my daughter turned to me and said, “Can we do that again?” I laughed and said,”I was just thinking the same thing. Sure we can.”

“Prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is of life”

                                                    – Jonathan Edwards



4 Responses to “Prayer(103)”

  1. Pat Cegan Says:

    “I pray all the time–not because I am so good, but because I am not!” I do not know who said that, but I understand it. I love what you said about prayer. For me, it is a running dialogue. I have special times and rituals of prayer that I like but I also talk to my Creator all the time. Good that I live alone because people would think I was talking to myself. More important, I leave spaces of time to listen to what God wants to say to me. There is a wonderful “allowing” exercise that I like where I sit with pen and paper and just wait in silence for Words to come to me. Sometimes I ask a question, sometimes I just sit in silence. Often the most unusual things come to me. Thanks again for this good reminder of the importance of prayer in our lives. hugs, pat

  2. informationforager Says:

    I appreciate your words. Your insights and experience are very good and affirms to others that it’s not just ME that thinks this way. Many, Many others are praying and meditating and helping others. Are we ahead of the “Game”, probably not, but we found one small way that consistantly works for us. We can only hope that others can see this and in turn show us better ways and ideas. Thanks again. Hugs back.

  3. Jasmine Says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Please continue in your honest journey. 🙂

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